Moulins de Montmartre

Last year, when in Paris, we stayed in an apartment in Rue Lepic in Montmartre. Just across the road was a windmill called Moulin de la Galette.

Moulin de Galettes (day)

It turned out this was quite an historic and well known windmill (maybe not quite as well known as the one at the foot of the hill…Le Moulin Rouge) and had been the inspiration for paintings by such artists as Van Gogh (although I’ve just discovered that Van Gogh actually lived in Rue Lepic …at number 54, I stayed in Number 82) and Gustav Renoir’s famous painting Le Bal Du Moulin De La Galette

Now it’s restaurant .  I can’t vouch for it as we didn’t dine there… maybe the next stay in a few weeks time (subtle hint to Peter) but back to history. I couldn’t find out much about the windmill over the internet but I learnt that originally there were 14 mills which made up “Les Moulins de la Galette” and now there are just two. This one was built in 1622 as a wheat mill. In 1924 it was moved from its original site a bit further up the hill to its current situation at the corner of Girardon and Lepic Streets.. It made a picturesque outlook from my apartment window.

Moulin de Galettes (night)


  • The ”moulins” are indeed a nice piece of history! I can tell you a little bit more.. The windmill you see on the Picture is called: Moulin Le Radet the other windmill is called Moulin du Galette. In 1844, four men from the Miller-Debray family were involved in a fight with Cossacks, who had occupied Montmartre. Three brothers were killed, but the oldest survived, but he wasn’t longer able to work. He made of his windmill a ballroom. He served with the drinks a cookie, une Galette. And so they called the windmill..Moulin de la Galette! The cookie is still made​​! Moulin Le Radet and Moulin de la Galette are the only two remaining windmills of thirty who first stood on the hill Butte-Montmartre!

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