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Many years ago my parents spent a year living in Deauville. At the time I was living in London but I used to visit them as often as I could. So, on a trip to Normandy in more recent years, I decided to revisit Deauville. Peter had never been before so he was happy to see this chic seaside resort known as the Parisian Riviera.

Umbrellas on the beach at Deauville

The flat sandy beaches of Deauville, and its proximity to the capital make it a popular holiday location for Parisians, but also visitors from all over the globe. With two race courses, it’s not unusual for early morning walkers to catch glimpses of race horses getting their sunrise exercise along the beach

Deauville, the Parisian Riviera

Yachting is very popular in Deauville

We visited on a beautiful warm September day but, like many seaside towns in France, most of the beachfront cafes were closed. The summer season was over. But the Bar du Soleil on the boardwalk was open. Plenty of customers were enjoying the last remnants of summer. We therefore decided to pause on our stroll along “Les Planches” for a drink and a plate of frites. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable hour or so just sitting there watching the world go by.

This 1920’s building was originally home to the Deauville yacht club. Now it’s an arts and entertainment centre.

Promenade des Planches

The 634-meter Promenade des Planches boardwalk was built in the early 1920’s to allow women to walk along the beach without getting sand in their shoes and gowns. The beach cabins along the boardwalk bear the names of Hollywood stars. This in homage to the film festival (Festival du Cinema Americain) that takes place in Deauville each year.

The beach cabins along the boardwalk in Deauville bear the names of Hollywood stars in reference to the film festival (Festival du Cinema Americain) that takes place here each year.

We’d just missed the Deauville Film Festival so we didn’t get to rub shoulders with any celebrities but Deauville was just as grand as I remembered with its impressive sea front properties. I enjoyed our wander down the boardwalk. If only the authorities back home in Perth would make equally good use of our coastline.

Typical Normandy architecture with timbered facade

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