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In Place Marcel Aymé, located just off Rue Norvins, I found one such quirk - a man walking through a wall.

Montmartre has to be one of my favourite places in Paris. On a recent trip, I had an afternoon on my own as Peter, my partner, had to work, so I went for a wander around Montmartre. The crowds in the Place du Tertre put me off dwelling for too long in the tourist centre, but I spent a most enjoyable afternoon exploring the area’s narrow, cobbled streets. Away from the central hub, the crowds thinned and there was little or no traffic. Montmartre is compact, so you can roam without getting seriously lost. Best of all, I stumbled on a quirky delight around every corner to excite the photographer in me. In Place Marcel Aymé, located just off Rue Norvins, I found one such quirk – a man walking through a wall.

Le Paisse-Muraille is an outdoor sculpture by Jean Marais, located in Place Marcel Aymé in Montmartre, Paris

This is the 1989 creation of actor, director and sculptor, Jean Marais. The sculpture is based on a story written in 1943 by Marcel Aymé (yes, the little square where the statue is located is named after the writer) about a man called Dutilleul who suddenly discovers he can walk through walls. Notice how parts of the sculptor are more shiny? This is due to from people touching it… for luck or were they trying to pull him out of the wall?

Apparently there’s also a movie “Le Passe-Muraille” (marketed as Mr Peek-a-Boo in English) based on this story…one to add to my “must watch” list.

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